Mahoe Bay, Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands
Virgin Gorda is one of 36 islands that make up the British Virgin Islands. It is 8 miles long and 3 miles wide with a population of 2,500. It is relatively untouched by mass tourism and is known for its tranquil and secluded beaches, friendly people, and premier sailing and diving locations. The B.V.I.'s most famous natural attraction, The Baths - giant boulders forming a series of spectacular pools and grottoes - is located here.

Virgin Gorda's 20 or so beaches include the beautiful Devil's Bay (a National Park), Spring Bay, Trunk Bay, Savannah Bay, and Mahoe Bay. A few beaches are protected by exquisite coral reefs that provide excellent snorkeling or scuba diving. While Mahoe Bay is one of the more remote and quiet beaches, it’s two coral reefs and calm waters have earned it a reputation as the best snorkeling and swimming location on the island. Luckily for the villa owners and guests of Mahoe Bay, the only ones who know this are the locals and seasoned visitors to the Virgin Gorda.